Different Types of Liars?

There are four different types of liars. First, is the occasional liar, they only lie sometimes and when they do they feel guilty for the lies they told. Next, is the frequent liar, they lie constantly all the time but are very sloppy with their lies and don't care about covering their tracks. Third, is […]

What would happen if you accidentally cut a mole off of your arm while you were shaving?

What might happen if you accidentally cut a mole off of your arm while you were shaving is that the mole could bleed profusely. You might also risk infection, so it is a good idea to have a doctor take a look at the area. Source: http://www.healthguidehq.com Photo Credit picture link More info about this […]

What Is the Difference between Sulfate Sulfide and Sulfite?

The difference between sulfate, sulfide and sulfite is the atomic number. Sulfate (SO4) has 1 atom of Sulphur and 4 atoms of Oxygen. sulfite (SO3) has 1 atom of sulphur and 3 atoms of Oxygen. Sulfide (SO2) has 1 sulphur atom and 2 oxygen atoms. Reference: www.meritnation.com Source: healthguidehq.com Photo Credit link More info about […]

What Happens If You Cut a Wart off?

First of all, if you cut a wart off, you will be in extreme pain. Secondly, you might bleed. And thirdly, you haven’t gotten rid of the problem at it’s root, so it might grow back or still be partially present. If you insist on getting it taken off, please go to a professional to […]

Difference between Right and Left Lung?

The main difference in the right and left lungs are that they are divided differently. The left lung has two lobes. While the right lung has three lobes. Source: http://www.healthguidehq.com Photo Credit photo link More info about this topic How right and left lungs are different? The Left lung is smaller and has only two […]

Cure for Smelly Balls?

The cure for smelly balls is provided by a powder or talc. This product by the name Primer performance body powder is manufactured by Primer Company. Primer was designed with our proprietary Freshlock technology to fight the source of odor, rather than just covering it up like other Man Powder. Source: http://www.healthguidehq.com Photo Credit link […]

Difference between Phagocytosis and Pinocytosis?

The difference between Pinocytosis and Phagocytosis is that Phagocytosis is concerned with a solid substance enclosed by a cell while Pinocytosis is concerned with a liquid substance enclosed by a cell. Both are types of endocytosis. The solid or liquid is enclosed inside the cytoplasm of a cell. Reference: www.phschool.com Source: www.healthguidehq.com Photo Credit picture […]

Cure for Mono?

Mono is a virus, which means that there is no medical cure. Antibiotics don’t work on viral infections. The only thing you can do to cure it is rest and drink plenty of fluids. Reference: kidshealth.org Source: www.healthguidehq.com Photo Credit photo link More info about this topic How to Cure Mono? There is no cure […]

Cry on My Shoulder?

Cry on My Shoulder is a song that was written by Michael Ruff. The song appeared on Bonnie Raitt’s Grammy Award winning album titled Nick of Time. It was released on March 21, 1989 and also had the hit single titled Thing Called Love on it. The song is the fourth track listed and runs […]

Difference between Oxycodone and Oxycontin?

The primary difference between Oxycodone and Oxycontin is their onset of action. Oxycodone is released in the system and effective for 6 hour while Oxycontin is slowly released over 12 hour period. Because of that, Oxycodone is generally taken within 4 to 6 hours while Oxycontin is usually prescribed to be taken two times a […]